Liz Stanford – Birth Confidence Summit

If you are feeling disempowered by language  as described by Liz in the interview  then the AIMS booklet range is super helpful.
It includes   Am I allowed?

Liz's Bio

Liz Stanford is the owner of The Calm Birth School, a non-flowery, down to earth, relatable & accessible method of Hypnobirthing which doesn't include ANY vagina whispering. She has over 60 instructors teaching face to face across the UK, Ireland, Switzerland, Philadelphia, and Hong Kong. 

Check out the Calm Birth School Hypnobirthing Course here

The Calm Birth School also has an on-line Hypnobirthing Programme available across the world. Liz is a positive birth believer and committed to the work of helping women to create calm & empowered births around the world

Time Stamps

Hypnobirthing was the tool Liz discovered in her first pregnancy that helped her with her fears both of the birth and of the pain relief drugs that she felt she would need. Liz booked her husband and her onto a course and they didn't look back.  She then went into her first birth with little of no fear at all.

6.40  Discussing how hypnobirthing tools can be applied to any situation and how they helped with learning to trust her intuition

8.15 Women are more powerful than we give them credit for and growing and birthing a baby.

10.25 Hypnobirthing is a full l antenatal education programme. Including the physiology of birth and what to do to release the right hormones for birth. 

14.30 Be supported so you don’t feel on your own or lonely. Bring your partner into the experience and work together as a team

15.30 Liz describes how having the hypnobirthing tools and the support of her partner helped her when she had to transfer from home to hospital. She was able to feel frightened then come back to a calm space. 

18.30 How giving birth on the delivery suite with her third  was opposite to her original plan but still didn’t deviate from being an empowering experience. 

21.00  Hypnobirthing is not just about painfree births but about applying the principles to any situation to make it as positive as possible.

26.00  Hypnobirthing supported Liz with the anxiety she had suffered with all her life and she found the affirmations and mind body connection helped in other areas of her life too.g

28.25  Liz describes the way that language can disempower particularly when she hears women saying 'I'm not allowed' and handing over decisions to someone else.

Women are the key decision makers and need to have confidence to talk to their care givers from the perspective of being on the same level. Use the Brain Acronym

34.00  Knowing if you are done having children or not. Talking to your womb and allowing your womb to release emotions including grief.

36.15 Would like all women to approach birth as something that will transform you and your life and for all the future generations. That in birth you are connecting  with your most powerful highest version of you if you can release and let go of fear and embrace the birth. 

41.32 Post Natal Depression Liz describes her journey through PND after the birth of her second with whom she had an amazing home birth experience. She started with a mainstream journey, sleeping tablets and antidepressants but when they didn't work Liz took control of her own healing journey and sought out modalities including counselling, CBT Reiki  until she became better.

The journey has strengthened her. If she can get through that she can do anything. No mountain is too big to climb.

50.00 Advice to others is get support and don't be scared to try something new and keep trying until you find what works.

Charlotte Kanyi