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Next Dates for Explore your Birth Blueprint Mini Course - 20th April 2024

Mini Course Includes:
Two hour workshop on Saturday 20th April (repeated for different time zones_)
Morning session 9.30 am UK  Afternoon Session 3.30 pm UK

Two times hour long Question & Answer Sessions. ( Includes healing, clearing and visioning work)
Tuesday 23rd  at 10.30 am UK time and Thursday 25th April at 3.30 pm UK.

All sessions are live online via zoom and available as replays in a course portal 24 hours after the event.

 Access to the course and all replays £39 

 I loved the session the other night. I started in overwhelm but felt cared for, clearer and lighter at the end. It felt like we moved into the heart of some important things quite quickly that I wouldn’t uncover in conventional therapy. 

It feels really different to re telling a difficult experience. I mean., it’s intense. But it also feels safe, settling and very  profound. I think the key thing is it’s not coming from the head. It’s from the body and to me it felt like entering a magic realm. The healing happens with out re living or re telling or re traumatising.   

Sophie Jeffries - Melbourne, Australia

Charlotte has a beautiful energy and she makes me feel heard, supported and safe to go deeper into healing, even when I feel resistant.

I have experienced my birth story, past life and inner child memories and each time I am blown away with Charlotte's skilled guidance.

 Often it initially feels unrelated to my current issues but it never is! It is the foundations of my beliefs that I have not even been conscious of... and that is where the work needs to be done.

Fran Bennett, West Midlands, UK

Hi, I'm Charlotte

Choosing a home birth for my first child was the best decision I made. It was right for me and I knew it deep in my bones. That decision didn't come without a certain amount of confusion, fear and criticism from others and from inside myself.

But it was worth it.

 I know you also know what you want. And I see how challenging it can be to stick to that when you have to navigate an overly medicalised and stretched maternity system and concerned family members, as well as your own inner voices of doubt.

I offer you my experience as a three times over mother and healing practitioner of over 15 years as support for you to find your path and be the confident mother/birthworker that you deserve to be.

Read more about my story here

If you are getting benefits and transformation from the free events, please consider donating -Totally optional. They are free for you to either get to know me and the work to see if you would like to go deeper with 121 work, or for those who are in financially challenging circumstances to be able to benefit