How I help you. 

 I  support you to heal your birth story and live with joy and confidence in life.

I am Charlotte Kanyi,  This picture is me, enjoying night time wild swimming, at my local lake, in Winter.

I know. I know! It's cold and dark. The path to get there is muddy and slippy. The water is so cold it's painful...Until you go completely numb that is.

Lots of people think I'm nuts.  Maybe you do too?   But here's the thing. I love it.  It lights me up and makes me feel really alive. 
And so I make space for it in my life.

Everyone has their version of this. And the question is are you living your version? The things that matter most to you. That make you feel alive, happy, proud.  

This is really what I do in my work with you. Support you to get clear on what matters to you and go for it.  So that you don't spend the rest of your life regretting what could have been.  Grieving for the life you didn't live.

Because no matter how big or small, your dreams matter, your life matters and you matter. 

Me with my family

Me with my family at the naming ceremony of my youngest, now 6 years old.