How I help you. 

 I  support you to heal your birth story and live with joy and confidence in life.

I am Charlotte Kanyi,  This picture is me, enjoying night time wild swimming, at my local lake, in Winter. 

I know. It's cold, it's dark, the path to get there is very muddy. The water is so cold it hurts - until you go numb.. Lots of people think I'm nuts. 

But here's the thing. I love it. It's what I really want to do. It lights me up and makes me feel really alive. It doesn't matter what others think. 

Everyone has their version of this. And the question is are you living your version? The things that matter most to you. That make you feel alive, happy, proud.  

This is really what I do in my work with you. Support you to get clear on what matters to you and go for it.  So that you don't spend the rest of your life wondering whether things could have been different if you had listened to that inner voice. Worrying about the impact of your choices on your children.  Feeling a failure.

One of my proudest moments was becoming a mother.   I followed my inner convictions and had a home birth with my first and subsequent children. This is a rare choice in the UK and most of the world nowadays.  There were naysayers.  Cautious voices talking of risk and safety.  There were obstacles to overcome - like being 27 weeks pregnant and needing a fitness to fly certificate to go and get married in the Gambia, but having also been diagnosed with a low lying placenta.  But the challenges didn't stop me. I don't want them to stop you either.  

The thing that made the biggest difference to me in my determination to create the amazing birth I really wanted  was healing the way I was born.  Now I am like most people in that i don't remember being born as such. But my body remembers. And it guided me to heal what had happened before my conscious memories formed.  When I was born I was in hospital, got stuck, cold, and was separated from my mum for a few hours.  I was fine. My mum was fine.  Everyone was happy. But it impacted me greatly. Because although I was fine on the outside, I was terrified on the inside and I could feel everyone else's fear in the short minutes I was stuck.  The world didn't feel so safe. I was on my own in it with no-one to reassure me.  

And then time passed. I was loved and cared for and I forgot.

But as time went on, as an adult, the impact of this birth began to make itself known.    The closer my circumstances resembled the original memory, where I froze into a trauma response, the more I would feel unsafe and scared.  I really wanted children but needed the right partner. However, I was reactive, sensitive to rejection and fearful of being abandoned. I was also a bit lost and depressed and had no idea why I should be this way. It felt like I'd always been this way.   

Once I started healing the origins of these patterns it all began to make sense for me and I was able to change. I found the loving partner I'd craved.  I gave birth to my son at home in a birth pool as I'd wished. And had another two  home births with a further two children.  

And I wish for you to also have the confidence to follow your convictions. I want you to experience the ease and flow when your body and soul are on the same page when it comes to giving birth. I am here to support you on your path.

Me with my family

Me with my family at the naming ceremony of my youngest, now 4 years old.