Bayan Qutub- Saudi Arabia

It is deep, detailed and extensive. I love it. The work in this workbook is valuable. I like how it links the current situation and issues one is facing with our own birth. Thank you a lot Charlotte. What you do is great. It should be paid for… that is how valuable I find it.

1-2-1 Sessions to heal your birth story and find confidence in birth and life

Ever feel like the world just keeps on getting more crazy and your path through it keeps on getting harder? 

I understand that feeling. Here’s how it might be for you...

You had high hopes and dreams for the birth of your child. You wanted that beautiful connection that is so special between mother and child and an amazing experience of birth – the rite of passage where you feel strong and ready to take on the world. But the reality is that you are more often exhausted and overwhelmed and under that you are scared. Really scared.  Scared you will mess up, possibly again, and have to live through more trauma, damage the relationship with your child right from the outset.  You feel like you are falling short of the amazing mother that you wanted to be and that you dreamed of for so long, that you are failing, before you’ve even got going properly. The widening gap between those dreams and your reality is wearing you down, you feel resigned, to another traumatic birth, or to feeling inadequate and a failure as your child struggles, and it is breaking your heart a little more every day.

You would like a road map but there doesn’t seem to be one. Everyone else has an opinion about what you should do but they don’t really seem to be listening to what matters to you. You end up feeling at best side-lined and frustrated and at worst bullied and coerced into a different path than the one that is calling you.

None of this is your fault though.   It is the outcome of generations and generations of oppression of women with the accumulated trauma getting passed down from mother to child over and over again.  It is no wonder this birth thing feels so scary and risky to you. With hundreds of years of diminishing the importance of women’s roles and wisdom, demolishing their support networks and destroying their belief in their body, it is no surprise that you feel alone,  exhausted and overwhelmed so much of the time.  It is hard to feel confident in your decisions and connected to your baby against this history.  The good news is that history doesn’t have to repeat itself and you can break this cycle.  And it begins with looking at how you were born.

To reclaim your position at the centre of your experience as you become a mother, or to fully support someone to achieve that, then how you were born is the essential missing factor you have overlooked. Exploring and healing this experience and the generations of handed down trauma is the missing link that I want to help you with.

You most likely don’t remember being born of course, But your body remembers. What happened to you is stored in your body. It is why it is reacting so strongly now. Remember you were that baby once too, a fresh, new soul with a bright path ahead, hopes and dreams to fulfil, and the desire to build a better world.  Many of your current challenges, and fears have been carried by you since your time in the womb, since your very first days on the planet, and some have been passed down to you across generations, still locked in your body, and causing you the problems that brought you here.  Exploring and healing these hidden factors in your history is the essential work that I always do with all of my private clients and I want to offer you a taste of this.  I have created a free work book - Explore Your Own Birth Experience. - It is designed to support you to gently reflect on how you were born and start you on your path to healing any wounded parts you find. You can download it below and get started straight away.

 I loved the session the other night. I started in overwhelm but felt cared for, clearer and lighter at the end. It felt like we moved into the heart of some important things quite quickly that I wouldn’t uncover in conventional therapy. 

It feels really different to re telling a difficult experience. I mean., it’s intense. But it also feels safe, settling and very  profound. I think the key thing is it’s not coming from the head. It’s from the body and to me it felt like entering a magic realm. The healing happens with out re living or re telling or re traumatising.   

Sophie Jeffries - Melbourne, Australia

Charlotte has a beautiful energy and she makes me feel heard, supported and safe to go deeper into healing, even when I feel resistant.

I have experienced my birth story, past life and inner child memories and each time I am blown away with Charlotte's skilled guidance.

 Often it initially feels unrelated to my current issues but it never is! It is the foundations of my beliefs that I have not even been conscious of... and that is where the work needs to be done.

Fran Bennett, West Midlands, UK

Hi, I'm Charlotte

Choosing a home birth for my first child was the best decision I made. It was right for me and I knew it deep in my bones. That decision didn't come without a certain amount of confusion, fear and criticism from others and from inside myself.

But it was worth it.

 I know you also know what you want. And I see how challenging it can be to stick to that when you have to navigate an overly medicalised and stretched maternity system and concerned family members, as well as your own inner voices of doubt.

I offer you my experience as a three times over mother and healing practitioner of over 15 years as support for you to find your path and be the confident mother/birthworker that you deserve to be.

Read more about my story here

 When I started working with Charlotte I was somewhat resigned to another traumatic hospital birth. I was so disempowered after my first childbirth that it seemed beyond me to consider any other option but consultant-led hospital care. After only a few sessions, I had a huge breakthrough and now working towards having a homebirth! I finally feel safe and empowered to decide what serves me best. Thank you so much, Charlotte. You are amazing! 

Gulara Vincent - Devon UK

If I could have done this work while pregnant  it would have made a massive difference. I  found an inner power where I was no longer not wasting time looking outside for other people to help me.  We were able to re-imprint the birth in a way that it no longer bothers me what happened. Now I can move on and enjoy my son.   This felt like magical healing at the DNA level. Charlotte creates a beautiful healing space with no judgment and  magic stuff happens in that space..

Heidi Danaher, Isle Of Man, UK

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