Naraya Naserian – Birth Confidence Summit

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Naraya's Bio

Naraya has a plethora of therapeutic, healing & coaching qualifications as well as radically unconventional life experiences, which she uses to embody and exemplify the paramount qualities of pure Self-Love, Forgiveness, Gratitude. She is an Ascension Guide & Wayshower, Blue Ray Wisdom Keeper, and initiatress of 11:11 Global Ascension Pulse Meditation for hUmaNITY. Mother of two adult children, she lives in East Africa, largely removed from conventional systems of society.

Time Stamps:

Naraya takes us back 22 years to tell us the story of her first child when the only thing she knew about birth was what the mainstream was offering including the gynaecology checks and ultrasounds and had no teachings on meditation or about natural birth at all. All went well until Naraya started to  feel intuitively something wasn't sitting well with her about the hospital

Naraya changed to a 'Birth House' and did a birth education course with her husband and felt happy with her change of plan as the house was beautiful with slings from the ceiling and a birth pool.
6.54 all was well until her due date came and went. The Birth house was new and under scrutiny and so they were nervous about anything going wrong and at 32 Naraya was already considered old.

9.49 The doctor pulls the 'dead baby card'insisting Naraya should be induced. Instead she asks for the evidence and the doctor scrambles and has no answer.

11.50 Naraya discovers an elderly experienced midwife who has supported 8000 babies to be born and changes her care, then goes into labour the next morning

19.00 Naraya wants women to know this is a natural thing, that nature knows how to do this and our bodies are nature and know how to do this. Naraya suggests we need to ask the question why birth has been taken over and medicalised and how does this dis-empower us.

23.00 Naraya was able to hear her bodies intuition despite having no skills in meditation and even seeing that as some kind of cultist thing at the time.

26.00 Be discerning on what information you take in and your choices.Absorb information on what can go right and our best practice. Tailor your birth to your needs and preferences.Choose your environment to give birth in consciously.

28.46 Have trust and faith in our own capabilities and in God /Creator/Universe  - whatever your name for it is, Trust whatever happens is to and for our highest good of our babies and ourselves. Something may  not be comfortable to live but may be for our growth and expansion.

35.00 We have choice and choice on what to think in the moment that can give us a sense of power.

37.32 Naraya tells us the story of her second child, an unexpectedly earlier than planned child who was therefore born in a tiny remote mission hospital in Kenya.  Naraya has since done much clearing work and forgiveness work on her negative feelings about being pregnant at the wrong time that will have flooded her new baby.  (see re to The Journey above)

45.00 During her first pregnancy Naraya spent a lot of time communicating with her body and in her second it was more about connecting with her baby. She asked her baby to come early and start with her waters breaking as the rains were about to start in Kenya.

And her baby listened! This was exactly what happened.

The birth was beautiful and forever linked to the hibiscus flowers her husband brought her to smell as she was in labour.

1hr. Naraya listened to her body which stopped contracting if she lay down and it turned out this may have been she feels due to a slightly shorter cord and needing more gravity to bring baby down. All went well.g.

Naraya would like everyone to have choice and connect to nature. She would like environments of warmth, connection and for all to be listening to the woman's needs in the moment with medical births available for true needs but not default starting point.

 Naraya asks us to lift the relentless conditioning that birth is painful and we have been cursed with painful birth  ( a mistranslation of the bible as has been discussed in many articles where different people translated the same word differently depending on if they were talking about women in birth or men working in the fields for example.)

Charlotte Kanyi