Kemi Johnson – Birth Confidence Summit

Trigger warning. We do mention risks of death and a dead baby story at one point in this interview. Not in any detail but be aware if this may be something that is difficult to hear for you.

Kemi Johnson - Bio 
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My reason for being is family and childbirth. I am an independent midwife aka midwife birthkeeper, and KG Hypnobirthing teacher  My own births have taken decades for me to heal from and I want better for parents and their little ones. We all have work to do. Let's go!

Although the Positive Birth Groups mentioned in the interview are no longer in existence the movement is still running and you can check it out here and read The Positive Birth Book by the Founder Milli Hill. Local in dependent groups can still be found.

Time Stamps

Kemi shares how she felt the calling to be a midwife from the age of 15 and how she resisted it until she eventually just had to do it!  Her fears and back pedalling helps her understand women's fears. 

4.30 She used to minimise herself and felt small, wanting to be no bother and this all changed when she had her son and his birth was not good for either of them. Now she no longer hands over responsibility to someone just because of a badge and a few letters.

7.17 Kemi's first child  talking to her in the womb with opinions on what she was eating where she was going. He guided her in everything except for the induction where she was too fearful with adrenalin and excitement which drowned out his voice.  Your baby has a personality and voice, tune in to listen.

Why are we using the word risk on a woman carrying out a bodily function that has been done for millenia? The current paradigm of considering a woman in danger or dangerous is crazy . We can no longer pretend this level of intervention and interference  is best for baby as there are plenty of studies and science that prove otherwise.

12.11 We have to point out the interventions save lives whenever we say they are being used too much but who is pointing out they also kill? This happens. Would the baby have died if there had not been the intervention?

14.00  Know what induction entails and that it is not a guarantee. Kemi thought she would pop a pill then meet her baby in 20 minutes so was excited. Instead she met with a cascade of interventions and a traumatic birth.  

It’s a special thing to let a baby out and have a cocktail of hormones, a dance.  Just like in a dance if there are a couple of things out of place it makes things more  difficult.

1840 The mismatch between the 80% who say they want intervention free birth as 'natural; as possible and the reality.

Kemi is a KGHypnobirthing teacher, and the advantage of a course and hiring an expert is they can read everything so you don;'t have to and crunch down on what is relevant and needed to you and guide you on your path. 

24.53  If you are facing induction ask for more information . Don’t do what I did, Go  woo hoo and grab my case! 

26.00 How Kemi's role in debating society helped her find her voice and despite a strong voice she still notices that it is often the man who is listened to in the room. We need to start in school and celebrate women's bodies including menarche so we are confident to speak up before we become mothers

32.00  You will have skills you learnt in other areas of your life that you can draw on. There are dormant skills that get awakened in pregnancy.kills learning early that you would need later. Something in life that is a skill they can draw on go inside to find it.

Find your voice and use it. Our voices are going to get louder and louder.  Try attending a Positive Birth Movement Group and feel the support of like-minded peers.

35.00 Choose your place of labour carefully to avoid fighting in pregnancy and labour.

3735 The birthing field. There is a bigger energy than Kemi she can feel working through her.  Let it help and guide you.  Find a quiet place where you can hear this.

Be aware that you may have confidence but the system doesn't  or it wouldn't be giving 90% of women sweeps to get labour going.

4328 Kemi wants a revolution and to work herself out of a job. 

46 We are reaching a tipping point: First they laugh, then they hate us, then we win.

47.46 We can know all about what will happen and have practised hypnobirthing relaxation techniques but we have to deal with fears or wont be able to make decisions and access skills,  Be around people who are confident in birth, It's the only way we get onto the planet

Charlotte Kanyi