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I am Mandy Rees, an expert in mum and baby wellness and a coach/guide for women. Everything I do is centred around the physical and emotional health of mums and babies; from conception and then for life. I am the founder of Blossom Yoga and Wellbeing and the mum of two wonderful daughters, Grace and Neave. I know how amazing, scary, empowering and overwhelming motherhood can be.

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Mandy compares birth to running a marathon and she knows both having given birth to two children and run ten marathons. She feels the marathon is more mindset than physicality and it was giving birth that gave her the confidence to run. Just as you would train for a marathon we do need to prepare for birth

7.40  How the system creates an atmosphere of fear and that following the system blindly takes away people choices putting them on  a route that serves the system and not that mum and baby.

10.45 Classing you as high risk for a big baby may become a self fulfilling prophecy as it creates fear and may be inaccurate but were you told that?  Check the information and evidence base to make a decision.

Look after your body in pregnancy to keep the positioning optimal and the body in good shape and create space for the baby.

Consider whether you really want growth scans. Can you trust your body is growing a baby without?

18..00 Learning to trust your own intuition and act on it is a big one. This is a challenge as the longer you wait the scarier the pressure from the system to induce. Check what the risks really are, get the proper statistics. Your instincts will tell you if your baby is ready.

22.00 Remember the baby is not an inanimate being and is trying to help you so go inside and focus and communicate with your baby and with touch. Practising breathing with connection in pregnancy will feel like a safe place you can repeat with the baby to reassure your baby once born.

26.00 Our logical society struggles with what it sees as weird or woo woo and  mums may feel a bit weird talking to baby in pregnancy. This is not new. Try sitting there with hand on baby and asking them how they feel and explore their fears and your fears and explain that you have confidence in them.

30.45 It boils down to stop scaring mums, stop making them frightened and frightened of making choices.  Do not accept the dead baby card thrown at you.

The current problem of go in for normal appointment and see that they are booked in for two sweeps and an induction  and they don’t know that it is optional.  Mandy wants everyone women to know they don’t have to do this. Can cancel them or choose

34.00  We shouldn't have to go through a poor first time to learn how to say no and get birth that we want.  Mandy sees some miracle transformations over time in her class so don't be afraid to take steps to release your fears.

37.15 We need to hear more positive birth stories. They are out there but women hold back and can be shamed for having a great story. If you have a negative story find someone who is not pregnant to unpick that with.

 42.58 Mandy shares her hardest challenge was bringing the baby home over the actual birth and how becoming a mother helped her learn to ask for help.   Asking for help is strong not weak Know that struggling is not failing and you are not a bad mum.

52.10  Don’t allow system to do it to you. It is  your body, your baby, your choice. Find out the information you need so that when the  time comes for birth you understand what you want. Never be disappointed. Know it is not your fault know three are choices out there

I've guided hundreds of mums and babies through pregnancy and birth and been there to support even more women in their post-natal journey. I believe that the stronger the connection between mothers and their children, the easier our journeys are. We are a mother for life and we need to be supported. I have created in Blossom what I needed as a new, anxious and overwhelmed mum. My classes and coaching are designed with mothers and their babies at their very heart. They are for mothers to come together and to grow; physically, emotionally and spiritually.

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