Jennie Harrison – Birth Confidence Summit

Jennie Harrison Bio

Jennie is an Energy  Healer, Birth Trauma Specialist and Connected Parenting Coach.
She has been working with mums and their children for 8 years, helping them to be free from their traumatic experiences and all of the challenges that are connected to traumatic and difficult births. Jennie helps mums to understand why they and their children are struggling, and provides them with gentle and empowering ways to have calmer, happier family lives.

Jennie is currently launching her Energy Essentials course  for mums who want to have more calm, less stress and more energy for themselves whilst providing the best mental energetic and emotional support for their children as possible. You can find out all about that here 

Time Stamps

During her first pregnancy Jennie read the book ​The  secret life of the unborn child which was a game changer for her as she changed the way she was looking after herself. Jennie had two different pregnancies and births 

2.17 Her first birth was difficult and she used energy healing to release trauma, cranial osteopathy for her son and CBT for her PTSD. She also got an official apology from the hospital for the mismanagement of her birth.
Due to this the second time she knew her choices and had an amazing experience.

4.51  Her birth changed the trajectory of her life,  She left her consultancy work and set up her own business 8 years ago now. During 8 years she noticed that underlying the majority of presenting conditions for the children she worked with  were issues related to birth trauma or difficult pregnancies. Now she works with mums and babies together to release and heal these traumas using energy healing.

11.26 To prepare for birth Jennie suggests giving yourself space to connect with yourself regularly and then with your baby. Talk to them and be aware they have consciousness and are not just a bundle of cells. Imagine their personality and connect to the actual person inside you.  The information in The secret life of the unborn child

Connect with people who will be your cheerleaders.

How being informed, supported and empowered made all the difference in her second pregnancy despite significant pressure to follow a different path ( induction and testing) than she wanted and felt was right for her. Despite being gaslighted throughout pregnancy and being told she couldn't do it she gave birth at home in calm circumstances.

17.00  Jennie shares her second birth story and wants you to Know you have  everything  inside you and let your mother bear come out to help you stand your ground. With the right kind of support you will achieve what you can feel you can do inside.

21.00 A discussion of different natural remedies a ( e.g. arnica for after pains) and eating the placenta to help restore nutrients and iron and how we can recover much better than we may expect when we nurture out bodies in this way. 

26.52  The importance of tapping into inner knowledge and power that Jennie learnt with her second.  Practise in pregnancy to do it and then will be able to do it in labour too. It can be a simple and quick self care practice and it will help you adjust to your new identity.

30.00 Jennie's vision for the future is that we have a greater understanding of all aspects of pregnancy and motherhood, that we are not just physical beings and unborn babies have emotions too. That we can let go of what we held onto growing up so our children don't have to carry the same baggage.

33.00  Jennie shares how her own birth affected  her with the birth of her own child and how the pattern of separation anxiety was triggered and so she was able to go back and heal it.  She sees this passing down of patterns across the generations with the majority of the women she works with.

36.42 To start releasing fears get them out of your head and onto paper.  Then find a method that works for you to release them e.g. Reiki or eft or other method.

38.50 You have everything inside you ready to tap into. Remember your baby has chosen you , it is not an accident.

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