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Clare Ford is an award-winning coach, speaker and author of ​How to have a Positive and Empowering Pregnancy

Clare, a mum herself with a background in education and healing, has inspired and worked with parents and children for over 15 years.  She believes in “putting love at the heart of what matters most” – you and your family.

As a sought after intuitive pregnancy and parenting coach, Clare regularly offers inspiring workshops and transformational in-depth coaching programmes that help clients achieve new heights of success, meaning, and spiritual aliveness. 

Clare is on a mission to create a ripple effect of global transformation by raising awareness of and offering healing and mindset solutions to mental and emotional health issues and was finalist for Business Vision and Legacy at the MPower Awards 2018 and 2019. Having overcome emotional abuse in childhood and marriage, severe depression and anxiety and post-natal depression, she is more than qualified to walk this path in guiding others to greatness and has spoken about this on radio.

You can get in touch with Clare via her website Beautiful Souls. ( where you can access her webinar - 5 mindset techniques for a positive pregnancy)

Time Stamps

Every birth is different with different family dynamics,

First recommendation as a mum to be is to get informed without getting overwhelmed by information. Make a plan that fits your values.

4.48  Along with information you need to be empowered so as not to hand power over and trust your intuition. Bring your heart and soul into the equation along with your mind.

6.48  Build your intuition muscle in advance so you know what your inner voice sounds like and can call on it when needed.

Use anchors- e.g. mudra or hand movement to trigger relaxation.

9.34 The power of intention - spoken out loud and written down. Intuition is your surf board and connection to Source is the sea. You need your intention to get on the board and in the sea.

3 Small Steps to confidence you can take every day. 1.  take three slow breaths. and ask, What is wrong with now? 2. Notice your thoughts and what you say to yourself and accept those thoughts that are trying to keep you alive so 3, choose to change those thoughts when unhelpful.

1552 Let go of your perfectionism. You don’t have to give birth perfectly, you don't have to look perfect as you walk out of hospital. Imperfection is the new perfect. 

19.44  The importance of connection on the maternal bond with your baby. New studies in epigenetics have proven long term benefits can change trajectory of child and adult life already starting in the womb by taking time to connect every day for just a few minutes. This may massively boost your confidence afterwards as you continue to intuitively parent  and help reduce possibility of postnatal depression

21.28 Clare's journey through Post Natal Depression and out the other side.  It's not classist it's not sexist , don't feel guilty. 

25.21 Beautiful Souls Vision Statement – my mission is to raise the vibration of our next generation.  How conscious connection and maternal bond in utero is crucial. We are birthing new outside the box thinkers, creative people and visionaries who will move humanity forwards  and they need a different start to fulfil their potential. 

27.00 Working backwards to the womb to heal-supported by epigenetics a lot of emotional traumas that present been teaching twenty years later on in life can be prevented by taking action now in pregnancy by connecting with your baby and being consciously aware of thoughts.  This knowledge and science is cutting edge stuff so don’t feel guilty if  it's new to you. Never too late to heal.  ​

31.22 Become aware of our thoughts and environment and how others energy is affecting us and make caring choices for ourselves  accordingly

Use your voice. Tap into your intuition. Ask questions about procedures and be prepared to change caregivers. Stand in your no.

Practice standing in your no. and delegate supporters to do it on your behalf so you don’t have to do it in labour as you need to feel safe and heard.  you are the Goddess in that space you are the key person bringing new life into this world what greater gift can you gift to humanity so step up to this and be that.

Make sure your inner and outer team are all on the same page. What you are doing is huge and humbling at the same time. Miracle sacred. You are that too. You are amazing.

Charlotte Kanyi