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Reflexology in pregnancy: Interview with Arty Thukral from Amarisa Well Woman

Arty Thukral is passionate about supporting women to restore balance and optimal health using a variety of tools including Reflexology, Bach Flower Remedies and Matrix Reimprinting.  In this interview Arty discusses how these tools can help you throughout your journey as a mother including through loss and fertility journey as well as birth.


Arty starts with an over view of what is Reflexology revealing its origins in Ancient Egypt . The technique is based on the theory that body parts are maps that are mirrored throughout the body ad  particularly the face, hands, ears and feet.  These points and knowledge were used as local anaesthetic before anaesthetic was created

2.33 Quick nod to the legalities of what benefits you can claim – Stress reduction. Of course  so many ailments can be linked back to stress.  And beyond the legalities there are more benefits and wider applications than stress management including treating miscarriage and induction. 

4.20 We discuss briefly that baby comes when baby is ready so help during pregnancy to assist baby to come is help with alignment to come when ready.

5.24 Arty shows us some reflexology points including the ovaries near the ankles, and points to help in labour and with common ailments such as back pain.

7.10 Reflexology is safe and natural so does not cause miscarriage and is not contra indicated  in pregnancy during the first  trimester and  may help chances of embryo sticking. All reflexology helps you as mother to tune in and nurture baby.

Cause and correlation with miscarriage and similarties of massage that you can support a miscarriage and it will not cause it.

9.22  The respect and honour for the feet to be touched a historical factor and honouring aspect of the treatment.  Also some of the power is in receiving the love and attention of a caring practitioner.  this non juegmental support and love is very important in areas where there is stigma like miscarriage. 

10.37 We talk a little of silent miscarriage where the baby dies but stays inside the body   Arty uses her tools to support you to get back in touch with your body and facilitate the willingness to let go through.

13.01 The importance of a good bond with the practitioner you choose  Someone who listens and can be supportive through challenges.  For support with miscarriage contact: The Miscarriage Association

16.30 On bonding-  and being with a woman through journey from conception to birth and beyond and the child has already bonded with her.

17.07  Arty shares some self help tips with  pressure on the souls of feet and the pelvic bowl hold - for stability.  Arty suggests that setting the time aside is most important and don’t worry about techniques, just touch with awareness.  By holding the feet you will help her to  feel held and supported throughout her body

19.46 Arty loves how the mother is ttwo in one and she loves the silent connection with baby through the mothers feet letting them know they are safe and supporting their first impression of the world. It is so rewarding as you feel you are making a difference to the future. Contributing to positive birth is so important as birth makes such a big impact on your life

21.30 Arty feels there are mutual benefits in giving and  you are giving for two so its extra!

24.26 We talk about being both part of the physical world and part of someething more than this too. Plus the importance of choosing your practitioner and changing if they are not a good fit as establishing a relationship is so important.

25.50 Make sure you are choosing the best for you with discernment. Compare your attitude to shopping at the supermarket and making sure you get the right product and treatment with the attitude of doctor knows best.  Arty likes to empower women over and above the treatment to have the  inner strength to trust their own feelings. Question and ask for alternatives if not sure. Have ability to ask because one thing is sure if you don’t ask  you wont get what you want.

28.45 Arty is in awe of birth itself, and in awe of women bringing new life and being still in that moment and to experience it.  Holding baby after tuning in.   She advises to trust your baby knows when is the best time to come and how to come. This is all about learning to allow as a woman.

31. All birth shapes how you are and all births are births- breech caesarean . all are births.

32.05 All about Bach Flower Remedies.  There are  38 flowers relating to emotional states. These are safe in pregnancy and labour and even for baby. They can be used alongside allopathic medicine and are very subtle yet powerful.  Rescue remedy is commonly known and as practitioner Arty can listen to your needs and recommend and make tailor made blends.

34.45 How healing is like peeling an onion, digging through the emotional layers which gives you an opportunity for you to realise yourself and deeper feelings and how the flowers promote a  connection with the natural world and bringing us into alignment with that natural cycle in its slower speed. Which is super useful all the time and especally in pregnancy.

37  All about Matrix  Reimprinting and EFT tapping where you tap along the meridian points/  The Matrix reimprinting works as you traceback to your younger self who has left echos in you and then you tap to recreate a new memory and neural pathway to reimprint beliefs. Similar to the layers on an onion.

41.58 Arty would like to  encourage self awareness and knowledge of your  inner world.  Tune in to yourself and knowing what you and your baby wants and then going to get what you want out of resources and being strong to stand up for what you believe in. Arty suggests to do more yoga ( or other practice) and self awareness to empower you to support the changes that need to happen.

44 The importance of breathing.   Breathing is life and can help you tune in with baby.   Arty advocates using natural methods to support you through your birth whatever the method.   ( You may like to read a 5 Simple ways to relax using your breath)

Arty calls for us all to get out of any victim mentality we notice sticking to us and calls  for all women to find our strength as we are strong.

49  Enjoy.This is the final suggestion that Arty wishes  you to takeaway. 

Try journaling, take the time out and  use yourself as a guide/ Take  time with you to bond with baby, you are so close toyour baby physically at this time so take and make the time.   Baby listens and this shapes the baby. 

Whatever you can make sure you enjoy this time.

Arty is passionate about supporting you on your journey to discover about yourself and to restore optimum balance and health through her modalities of Reflexology, Bach Flowrer Remedies, EFT, Matrix Reimprinting, Aromatherapy, Fertility Massage and more! Connect with her http://amarisawellwoman.co.uk