Jo Bolden – Birth Confidence Summit

Link to the NPA Process mentioned in the video where you can also download a free process sheet and have a go yourself.

Jo's Bio

Often heard saying 'Stand like you mean it' and 'You don't get this moment twice', Jo is an enthusiast. About dance and about life. A dancer, choreographer and dance educator with experience from across the globe, spanning film, TV and live performance. A writer and former children's talent agent. Creatively Jo is particularly recognised for her signature unique styles of lyrical, jazz and jazz funk but known for her work with dancers to unleash powerful presence and connection in each moment. 

She takes this effervescent energy into international conventions, intensives, choreography, lectures and classes for teachers, professional, pre-professional, competitive and recreational dancers across the USA, from Washington DC to Denver, Canada, England, New Zealand and for various high profile studios, institutions and workshops in her hometown of Sydney, Australia.

Time Stamps

Jo discusses her particular fears as a 'reformed perfectionist' feeling responsible for a tiny being inside and being hyper aware of her choices and consequences for her health.

She booked a midwife to see her during pregnancy who supported her to continue doing what felt right for her body - ie continuing to dance until 8.5 months.

The mismatch between the risk she was assigned being or 'advanced maternal age' and her actual health and the positive attitude of the actual caregivers and consultants she saw.

11.00 Using walking as a moving meditation that worked well for Jo

Challenges of a system that felt corporate and being determined to find the right people for her and her wife and baby to support them on their journey within that system.

18.00 Having faith and determination those people existed and would be found

A dramatic start to labour but being informed about choices and what they would be offered made all the difference to how the birth story went.

22.25 Negotiating a non invasive method to help the birth along. Why are non invasive methods not offered first?

29.50 Utilising skills as a dancer and counting through the contractions

35.18 holding the vision through all challenges

Adjusting to life as a mother - a whole new universe opening up even though it is also hard at times.

38.34 Using healing and clearing tools such as The NPA Process and The Compassion Key. and also just being present with her body and emotions and letting them move through. Women's circles that have given her strength to be vulnerable and transparent.

46.00 Start by finding your people to support you. Know they are out there and then go about finding them so you are not alone with your fears. Fears spoken out loud in a safe space dissipated.

49.00 How it has all been worth it even though until recently didn't even know she would want children. It deepened her connection with herself and she has learnt that hard and glorious can coexist in the same time and place and that is ok.

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