Charlotte Kanyi – Birth Confidence Summit

Here is the book I mentioned where you can find the full story of the birth of my first son in 2010. Water Birth: Stories to inspire and Inform Edited by Milli Hill

And here is the birth Story of Musa, my third child.

Links to find out more about the healing tools that most helped Charlotte clear out all her blocks to having the birth she wanted.

  • 1. The NPA Process - a simple way to stop taking things personally
  • 2. The Journey™ by Brandon Bays where you can download a  free ebook.

Charlotte's Bio 

( Scroll for time stamps to video below)

Charlotte supports scared, doubtful and overwhelmed women to uncover and clear out the hidden roots of your fear of giving birth so that you can confidently create the birth you dream of. The one calling to you that you have been pushing away as you can't quite believe it could really be achievable for you.    She guides you on your own unique path to the confident you that has been lost and hidden inside you and helps you to speak up for what you truly want in life. 

She lives with her husband and three boisterous boys who have been her guides companions and teachers on her journey to confidence.  She loves to relax in nature especially wild camping in wilderness areas and at home she loves to potter in her garden sanctuary.

  • Her Vision for the future of birth and motherhood in brief
  • 3.59  Why she decided to host a Birth Confidence Summit 
  • Her Background and how her own birth experience led her to focus on supporting women to be confident giving birth
  • 5.20 You, the mother are the ultimate expert in your birth
  • 8.30 The true nature of confidence according to Charlotte, why it is so important in birth and also completely attainable for you.
  • 14.10  What blocks to confidence may look like and including the biggest block that lies under many patterns of behaviour- not believing you have value or your needs matter.
  • 20.30 How my training as a Journey Practitioner led me to uncover and heal my own traumatic birth experience which ultimately led me to where I am today
  • The ingredients  you need to make a good recipe for confidence
  • 25.25 How each of the births of my three children led me deeper into an unshakeable confidence in who I am and how I show up in the world.
  • 38.55 Why giving birth before the midwives arrived didn't scare me.
  • Final thought and wish for YOU to create the best birth for you.

Charlotte Kanyi