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8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Giving Birth
I spent a lot of time preparing for  the birth of my first child. Trawling the internet, ordering books to[...]

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Guest Post: How to transform your birth experience from the inside out, by Dr. Gulara Vincent.
‘Unfinished business’ from the past can block your dreams. I learnt this lesson the hard-way through childbirth, and here’s how my journey began...
How Panic and Terror ultimately led to a Birth in Confidence
Today I am sharing a small but significant part of my second pregnancy in which I feared my preferred choice[...]
Rainbows of forgiveness: A path to freedom from centuries old pain
'Look', my son cries, 'a rainbow'. We stop and gaze in wonder at the vivid colours leaping across the sky[...]
4 Guiding Principles and 5 Great Ideas for Grounding in Turbulent Times
I love being pregnant, I love the feeling of the growing child in my belly.  I felt well and strong both[...]

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5 Simple Ways to Relax Deeply Using Your Breath.
I breathe in deeply. The cold blast of air on this frosty winter morning is stimulating and I feel alive.[...]
Stop worrying and start breathing. A simple hack to help you and your loved ones to move through panic and fear.
"What do I do when things aren’t going to plan? Is there anything I can do really?" "Don’t worry," say our worried partners, in an attempt to console both of us. "Just relax, you are doing great." Does this work? Do we instantly relax and stop worrying?

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