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It’s not just the computer! Finding relief from overwhelm with NPA.
I stare at the computer screen biting back the tears. Telling myself to hold it together, that maybe it will[...]

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Guest Post: How to transform your birth experience from the inside out, by Dr. Gulara Vincent.
‘Unfinished business’ from the past can block your dreams. I learnt this lesson the hard-way through childbirth, and here’s how my journey began...
4 Guiding Principles and 5 Great Ideas for Grounding in Turbulent Times
I love being pregnant, I love the feeling of the growing child in my belly.  I felt well and strong both[...]

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BirthEssence Backstory – How it all started.
There's always clues, a thread to follow that leads you to your purpose. Here's my story of how I came to supporting women to birth confidently
8 Things I Wish I’d Known Before Giving Birth
I spent a lot of time preparing for  the birth of my first child. Trawling the internet, ordering books to[...]

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