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with Charlotte Kanyi

​Birth Confidence Mentor for Mothers To Be

Are you ready to take your first step to confidence today?

The most joyful time of your life, right?  Full of gratitude and wonder at your swelling belly and the beautiful baby growing inside you.

Except you feel overwhelmed, anxious and, too tired to enjoy anything.   Bombarded with confusing and often negative messages about birth that add to the worry you are carrying around with you already, it's as much as you can do to keep going never mind plan a glorious birth.   

If you feel that each day of your pregnancy should be a joy  but it is more of a pressure pot of conflicting demands and constant worry leaving you exhausted, empty and still terrified  then you have come to the right place.

I am Charlotte Kanyi, and I support women like  you, who no matter what you do have not been able to relax and enjoy your pregnancy; far less believe that birth could be a wonderful, pleasurable rite of passage. I help you to release your old conditioning,  including past traumatic experience and imprinting from your own birth into the world, so that you can confidently create the birth you secretly dream of but haven't dared voice- perhaps even to yourself.  

Check out how I can help you below

Birth Confidence Sessions

Feel confident and strong with powerful inner work to transform every aspect of your birth experience

Release your fears, dissolve your imprints and heal past trauma. This powerful work will bring to life the strong,confident woman hiding inside you so you can finally believe in your dream birth.

Nurture Mother Massage

Emerge a different woman after the divine treatment your body and soul have been longing for

and know your baby benefits as much as you do.

Soothe your jangled nerves and feel your tiredness melt away along with your pregnancy aches as you take the time and space you really need and deserve to prepare for your confident birth.

"I loved working with Charlotte. I felt so safe to speak about my concerns and felt completely supported during our work together. I was able to uncover and clear the core of issues that were impacting on my experience of pregnancy.  I can't think of a better way to prepare for the birth of your child than to work with Charlotte."

Samantha Nolan-Smith -  Canberra, Australia.

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"It's been a privilege to work with you and was worth every penny and more. After a traumatic induction and caesarean first time, I achieved the birth I wanted this time."

Zoe Challenor - Birmingham, Uk.

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About Charlotte Kanyi

Fear, panic and overwhelm, or confidence, joy and ease? Which will you choose?

​It may not feel like a choice right now. But you don't have to suffer and struggle alone. Supporting you to transform your inner world and watching your outer world shift in consequence is my speciality.

Find out more about my story and the transformation that is possible for you over here.