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Hi I’m Charlotte Kanyi and whether you are

  • a little bit tired and stressed and in need of a 'pick me up', or
  •  constantly worried and totally terrified of giving birth, or
  • somewhere in between, 

I’m here to help you experience the amazing birth of your dreams.

Yes! That birth.  The one you secretly dream of but that you daren’t admit even to yourself that you really want in case you don’t get it...

It's closer than you may think and totally possible

I finally believe that the arrival of my second child can be the most healing and empowering experience yet.

Gulara Vincent Writer

Check out the ways I can support you below and many blessings on your journey.

Nurture Mother Masssage

Emerge a different woman after the divine treatment your body and soul have been longing for.

And know your baby benefits as much as you do.

Nurture Mother Treatments are all about celebrating and nurturing you and your precious baby on every level. Intuitive massage and Reiki healing combined ease physical aches and soothe both you and baby. 

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​Charlotte made me feel very at ease. I left feeling empowered about my birth choices whatever they may be. It was so much more than just the massage.

Natalie Graham Worcestershire

Birth Confidence Work

Feel confident and strong with powerful inner work to transform every aspect of your birth experience.

If you are scared of giving birth and don't really believe you can do it at all, or of you have previous unresolved birth trauma that you are worried about, then my 1:1 work is the option for you. 

Want to go all the way, and realise your deepest dreams? Then my signature programme- The Birth Confidence Package may interest you. This is a comprehensive mentoring package over several months with all the benefits of the 1:1 work and so much, much more.

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Positive Birth Movement

FREE Local Groups to spread positivity

We believe that everyone deserves a positive birth, whatever your choices or circumstances are. 

North Birmingham  Positive Birth Group meets monthly in Erdington.   Next Meet up - TBC in November 2016

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About Charlotte Kanyi

Fear, panic and overwhelm or, confidence, joy and ease? Which will you choose? 

It may not feel like a choice right now. But you don't have to suffer and struggle alone.   Supporting you to transform your inner world and watching your outer world shift in consequence is my speciality.

Find out more about my story and the transformation that is possible for you over here

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