Birth Confidence Package

Moving from fear to confidence to achieve the birth you secretly dream of.

Birth Confidence Package is a 2.5 - 6 month bespoke mentorship package that clears out the fears you don't even know you have and reprogrammes your systems from the inside out to completely transform your birth experience.  The benefits go far beyond the birth and bring long lasting change into all aspects of your life.  

The full details are currently being written but here is a taste of what you will get.

This package includes:

  • 1:1 Birth confidence sessions including all the themed packs  sessions
  • Energy homework to support your integration
  • NPA Co-creative work to align all the elements and people involved in your birth experience
  • Extending your Upper Limit to make sure you are ready to welcome in the highest and best birth experience
  • Workbooks and exercise to do at home
  • Access to the BirthEssence Library of Accompanying Guided visualisations and clearing exercises 
  • Personalised MP3 track to help you prepare for your birth experience

During our time together we explore and reset the imprinting from your own birth experience and heal any trauma from past birth experiences and life experiences. We clear out memories that have been stored in the cells of your body particularly in the womb and pelvic area so that your body is free and able to do its job with ease.  

You will learn simple but highly effective tools and techniques that you can use in labour and beyond in any situation.  

We explore and expand through any upper limit challenges you may have about being able to achieve the birth you want.  We bring every aspect of your birth into alignment with your highest vision. 

Here is what my most recent graduate has to say.

Zoe Challenor Birmingham

A complete paradigm shift that massively surpassed my expectations and is having long lasting benefits on other areas of my life.

Birth Confidence massively surpassed my expectations. I wanted to explore why I had the experience I had with my previous birth and have a different experience, a natural birth. I got that and so much  more! I did gain a lot of insight into my previous birth experience and what I needed to do differently. I also got an amazing level of support form you in terms of feedback after the sessions recommendations books tools and techniques. I  really feel that by the time I came to give birth the second time I'd experienced a complete paradigm shift and had faced and laid to rest much of the fear that could have got in mine and my baby's way.  I also experienced a journey of self discovery that went way beyond birth and has changed me as a person and the close relationships I have. I made peace with parts of myself and people from my past in a way that has left me feeling more whole,  It has been a privilege to work with you and was worth every penny and more. After a traumatic induction and Caesarean first time I achieved the birth I wanted this time and learned so much of value which I have  yet to unpack.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in then please contact me for more information and a clarity session and I would be delighted to talk with you. To get a taste of the guided visualisations you will receive sign up below to receive a Free Fear Release Guided Visualisation that will support you to move from fear to confidence and enjoy your pregnancy.

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