Nurture Mother Massage

because the beautiful mother you are deserves mothering too

  • Do you love being pregnant but feel run ragged and totally exhausted trying to grow your baby AND hold down your full time job, AND look after the other members of your family, AND keep a social life? And that's before you get to all the preparation for the arrival of your baby. 
  • Did you thrive on a busy and full schedule and have been surprised to be knocked sideways by the changes to your body and your energy levels now you are pregnant?
  • Do you feel stressed and worry that it may be affecting your baby but never seem to find time just to sit and relax  together?

Meanwhile that time keeps on flying by at the rate of knots, there seems so much to do and in all the activity and excitement somehow you and your self care get left to last or even left off the list altogether.

If you are getting to the end of every day exhausted, in pain and its all you can do to collapse on the sofa with your (swollen) feet finally up and if you are wondering how you will manage through the rest of your pregnancy then it's time to reassess and put your well being back into the picture. 

This is where mother nurture massage treatments can help you.  

"I am not sure I can put into words the impact that the treatment had on me, as nothing has ever compared. However, for the hour or so that Charlotte worked with me, my body relaxed and my mind was calm and this was followed by 12 hours of deep sleep which was very much needed. Finally, when I woke I was able to work through a number of personal issues that had been negatively impacting my life and also reassess my priorities. In summary, the treatment was immediately beneficial, but it also had a positive lasting effect in my life."

Julie Royle-Srinivasan - Munich, Germany

Book a Nurture Mother Massage Treatment today and receive the deep nurturing and emotional nourishment that you, amazing mother and powerful woman deserve as you grow your baby.

Nurture Mother Massage combines Holistic Oil Massage techniques with Reiki Energy Healing to gently soothe and restore your body and being at all levels.  After a personal consultation to discover your unique needs, your individualised treatment will ease you into a deep relaxation where your aches and pains melt away as you rest. You will emerge refreshed, renewed and ready to take on the world.

Nurture Mother - Back & Bump

Single Session - £38 for 45 minutes

Pack of Three - £100

Nurture Mother - Full Body

Single Session - £60 for 90 minutes

Pack of Three - £160

Nurture Mother - Premium 

Premium  Package - £300

5 Nurture Mother Massages

1 x 90 minute couples workshop

1 bottle of luxury massage oil 

"Big love and thanks to Charlotte Kanyi for the wonderful massage this morning. So easy for us to neglect ourselves but I am certainly feeling revitalised and restored from my treatment this morning."

Fran Bennett - Birmingham, UK

Nurture Mother - Full Body + Birth Confidence Taster

Perfect to see if the deep transformative power of my 1:1 birth confidence work is right for you before investing in a longer programme. Combines the deep relaxation of a full Nurture Mother Massage with a 20 minutes taster of birth confidence work. 

Single Session - £100 for 100 minutes

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