NEWS: I am currently on maternity leave and not taking bookings for bodywork or 121 sessions. The facebook page is still up and running and I will be writing some blog posts. Please direct any questions through the facebook page.

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Congratulations, You're Pregnant!

If you're anything like me, you might be feeling a bit wobbly and emotionally vulnerable.  One minute it's great joy, excitement. The next it's terror, self doubt and overwhelm.  Not to mention having to adjust to your constantly changing body and your constantly changing energy levels. Oh, and the rest of the family to look after, your job and your never-ending to do list...

​If you feel like you've got lost somewhere in all that then you've come to the right place to reclaim some sanity and sanctuary.

Nurture Mother Massage

Are you feeling the strain of growing your baby whilst still working and looking after everyone else? Take some time for you in a space of sacred stillness and feel like a whole new person as you emerge re-energised and refreshed on all levels 

1:1 Transformation Sessions

Feel like your baby is never going to arrive and getting stressed at your rapidly unravelling birth plan? Baby just not getting into a good position for birth? These powerful healing sessions get right to the core of issues standing in the way of your best birth.

Birth Confidence Package

Is your secret dream birth whispering in your ears at night but you don't dare go for it?  By releasing and healing the stored trauma and imprinting that is at the root of your fears, we will uncover and realise  your deepest dreams together. 

About Charlotte Kanyi

And who am I? Well you can read more about me and why I am so passionate about making a difference to your birth over here

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