I am Charlotte Kanyi, founder of BirthEssence and mother to three boys.

 I have been on my own journey of confidence just like you. Visiting every emotion from terror and full-blown panic attacks to open, expansive joy and love that pervades every cell of my being. My brand of confidence doesn’t mean you are aiming to bathe in bliss all the time or using valuable energy to avoid the sticky emotions. It is a confidence to be you, living the full spectrum of your emotions and soul desires. Showing up as you are in all your imperfections – it’s the showing up part that counts- learning then going for what it is you truly want.

This is what matters when it comes to your birth. Are you listening and connecting to you? Giving yourself permission to ask for what you need?  I work with women like you to dig into the roots and conditioning that keeps you stuck in terror and silently suffering. I support you to know deep into your bones that you matter and what you want not only matters but is achievable. I have been working in this field for 11 years and 8 of those I have supported mothers to be find their self belief and confidence. It was the birth of my son that inspired a shift to focus on birth and motherhood specifically.  The transformation that I see each time, the deep connection between baby, mother and their bigger vision and soul purpose is what makes my heart sing.