Awaken the strong, confident birth worker waiting inside you

It's time! 

You are a passionate birthworker who is also a sensitive and/or empath.  Your desire is to truly support the women and birthing people in your care in an empowered way, so that they get the birth they dream of and experience the magic of birth that you know is possible. But you are challenged and discouraged by the demands and restrictions of the maternity care system. You struggle to maintain your vision in the face of the far reaching mistrust of women's bodies and their capacity to birth. This impacts you and your clients so strongly that sometimes you feel like giving up.

But this is a calling and you can't ignore it.  

You just wish you could make more of a difference without it draining and exhausting you so much.  You are also concerned that you may yourself be 'the wounded healer' who has their own birth trauma to heal.  You don't want that energy to leak out and affect the birthing field of the people you are supporting.   You want to feel fully confident in your role in the change you want to bring in the world.  

Where to start with such a big subject that matters so much to you?

Start Here 

With this unique opportunity to experience a ground-breaking, new paradigm tool at a reduced investment.

Between June and November I will be conducting Case Studies for the NPA Master Practitioner Training Programme. I already use the Non Personal Awareness Method in my work and have witnessed its incredible transformative power first hand over and over again.  

"I have been having sessions with Charlotte for just over a month now. I have noticed big changes within my consciousness that are helping me to address my addictive behaviours and to be present within my body, rather than avoiding or repressing feelings. Charlotte has a beautiful energy and she makes me feel heard, supported and guides me to go deeper into healing even when I feel resistant. I have experienced my birth story, past life and inner child memories and each time I am blown away with Charlotte's skilled guidance. I urge everyone to try NPA and to just trust and go with what comes up. Often it initially feels unrelated to my current issues but it never is! It is the foundations of my beliefs that I have not even been conscious of... and that is where the work needs to be done."

Fran Bennett, Birmingham, UK.

That confidence can be elusive.  When even your peers seem to distrust birth. Or get sucked into ticking boxes to please higher authorities and avoid risk. Whilst you stand by helplessly, watching the inevitable 'car crash' as another birth gets sabotaged through no fault of yours or the birthing person.  You watch as despite all your encouragement, the patterns repeat and inevitably the birth stalls, stops and ends in trauma. You feel powerless to stop it despite the amazing hypnobirthing tools and birthing wisdom you have imparted and wonder what you could have done differently. 

The answers lie within. With how you are showing up in the world.  I can feel the eye roll and yeah yeah, but reaction ,but bear with me.

How you see the world and operate within it is literally built into your body as it is created.  As you grow and are born, you are not separate from your environment, your mum’s experience or her history and these all shape and mould you.  Your experiences in the womb and birth hardwire you for trust and love or vigilance and anxiety.  They  impact your confidence to speak up and create the change you know is needed.   They influence your energetic presence which spreads out around you and you know how powerful that can be in useful or harmful ways right?

Your own soul knows this and has lead you here. Just as you felt the call to be a birthkeeper so now you are feeling the call to clear out your own birth trauma and persecution imprint that you see repeating and reflected around you.  These transformation sessions are the way I am supporting you to do that.  

"I loved the session the other night. I started in overwhelm but felt cared for, clearer and lighter at the end. it feels really different to re telling a difficult experience. I mean, it’s intense. But it also feels safe and settling  It feels very deep and profound. It felt like we moved into the heart of some important things quite quickly that I wouldn’t uncover in conventional therapy. And also without re living , re telling or re traumatising. I think the key thing is it’s not coming from the head. It’s from the body and to me it felt like entering a magic realm"

Sophie Jeffries, Bearing Wonder, Melbourne, Australia.

Hi I'm Charlotte Kanyi and I facilitate the magic! That's what it feels like. when centuries of oppression you hadn't noticed you were carrying  just slide off. It's the relief and freedom when patterns that have always been there are gone and you can claim your own space, your way.  It's how I felt when I birthed my 3 sons, each time, at home in the ordinary yet extraordinary, undisturbed way we were designed to do.

I was guided to these choices after a healing journey that explored my own birth experience and my life in the womb. I was determined that my children would not go through the trauma that I did and cleared out every fear and imprint standing in the way of the birth I wanted for them and me.

I subsequently realised that what I experienced was rare and not even on many people's radar as a possibility - joyful, confident birth without interference - was what lead me to specialise my business in this direction.  

My special areas of focus are :

  • Healing your own birth trauma: so you can show up in the world as your soul intended, and embody the birthing field you wish your clients to experience.
  • Ancestral repeating patterns: Especially the generations of imprinting that teach that birth is dangerous, Women are lesser than and subservient to men and people in positions of authority, and should stay in the home and not earn money of their own. You may think this is ancient history but it has a sneaky way of living on until examined and cleared out.
  • The persecution imprint:  Releasing the trauma passed down from generations of oppression, attack and harm to women particularly those practicing women’s wisdom and healing.  This includes the legacy of the witch hunting era and slavery imprints.
" I loved my session with Charlotte yesterday. She holds the space for transformation so amazingly well. Her intention for you to transform beyond limiting patterns and beliefs encourages so much more momentum for it to happen. I felt I really understood the patterns we were working on and I could see clearly how they play out in many areas of my life  It felt like some kind of healing alchemy."

Heidi Danaher - Isle of Man, UK.

I'm interested. Tell me more about what's involved and how it works.

I'm so glad you are interested. This work is powerful as are you and we need you. It is truly time for us to rise together and collectively create the world we want to live in and leave for our children.

Below is a summary of the main practical details you need to know and a booking link. 

  • It's a spoken word process, but it's not talking about your challenges, it's a profound exploration and rewiring of your whole being.
  • Session Duration : Up to one hour.
  • Attend via Zoom from anywhere in the world.
  • Book individual sessions or a package. One session per month up to a maximum of 6 per person.
  •  Investment starts at £50 per session / £25 concession rate.  * 

*Concession is for unwaged/ financially challenged at your discretion. These places are limited. Please be discerning about your situation and mindful of the transformation that these sessions offer when choosing what to pay.

Current Availability

Single Sessions

October at £50 :   places available

October at £25* (*Concession price) : 2 places available

November at £50 : places available


Bespoke packages available please enquire


Frame in Focus - £25 for half an hour ( details coming soon)

or if you want to check it's right for you first,

And if you are wondering what exactly NPA is? 

It is a 6 line spoken word process that opens doors and allows energy to move in magical ways.  Its simple, yet effective. You can learn more from the founder and custodian Joel Young at the link below.

Learn more about The NPA Process. 

Download your free Worksheet here