How I help you.

You CAN have the birth of your dreams.

Helping you believe it, in every cell of your being, every ounce of your existence, is what I do.

Because right now you don't believe. Not really.  You are just paying lip service to the positive empowering birth you say you want but deep down your body and your thoughts are telling a different story.

A tale of caution lest you be disappointed, fear of what may go wrong, and worry that you just won't cope.

 You are not alone in this pattern. So many women I see know what they want really. You can feel the fire burning in your belly but somehow the words die in your throat. In your head you are the one calling the shots in this birth, it is your body and your choice after all. In reality you shrink back down away from any conflict and fight, you feel belittled, overruled and unsure of yourself and end up deferring to your partner, midwife or any authority but your own.

It’s the same frustrating pattern you have come up against before.  Only this time you are more vulnerable, emotional and worried than ever before and the stakes are way higher.   You started out OK, booking antenatal classes, trying out hypnobirthing, and learning about the physiological reality of giving birth. Why is that enough for others and not for me you wonder? What am I missing?

The missing link is your inner world of beliefs, imprinting and programming. We all have our subconscious world running the show under the surface, dictating how we react to the world.  When we are welcomed smoothly into the world with love and nurtured the programming is generally positive.  Sometimes our imprinting ends up more like a computer virus. One that that pops up when you least expect and undoes all your good work, destroying in seconds what you have spent hours putting in place.

The good news is no matter what has happened to you in your life, you can go back and dissolve those imprints and reconnect to a more sovereign version of yourself. The you that absolutely births the way you want - where you may have to dig deep for sure but all is well, and you emerge transformed into a strong, confident mother in love with your baby and ready to take on the world.

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I know you can do this as it is my story too.

Throughout the pregnancy with my eldest ten years ago I was bombarded with different fears and challenges. I went inside each time and cleared out the old stuck cellular memories and blocked energetic patterns that were blocking me.  The most profound shifts for me occurred when I revisited my own experience of being born where I got stuck and was separated from my mum for a number of hours. The trauma was lodged in my cells and releasing it gave me a new confidence and sense of freedom that I was able to take with me into the birth experience of my own son.  

Which was glorious and everything I had wanted it to be.

Rinse and Repeat.

That's what I did for my next two children.  It was a surprise to me that I had almost more fears surface each time than before, Yet also more and more confidence to go braver and bolder into what I really wanted. I know now that is the way of it.  When you commit to something important to you, everything in the way will show up to be cleared. It can be rough along the way but the rewards - Rediscovering your sovereignty as a woman, and confidently creating your dream birth is paving the way for a new future, for you, your unborn child and for all women - are priceless.

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To hear more about my three birth stories and what I learned from unpacking the impact of my own birth into the world then have a listen to the video below.


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