"I would totally recommend working with Charlotte in this way. I'm always surprised by what comes up but I always feel better afterwards. Charlotte is calm, compassionate and makes you feel totally safe. I can't recommend her enough to any woman or mother who needs space to be heard and healed."

Awen Clement - Birmingham, UK.

Hi I'm Charlotte Kanyi and I facilitate the magic! That's what it feels like. when centuries of oppression you hadn't noticed you were carrying  just slide off. It's the relief and freedom when patterns that have always been there are gone and you can claim your own space, your way.  It's how I felt when I birthed my 3 sons, each time, at home in the ordinary yet extraordinary, undisturbed way we were designed to do.

I was guided to these choices after a healing journey that explored my own birth experience and my life in the womb. I was determined that my children would not go through the trauma that I did and cleared out every fear and imprint standing in the way of the birth I wanted for them and me.

I subsequently realised that what I experienced was rare and not even on many people's radar as a possibility - joyful, confident birth without interference - was what lead me to specialise my business in this direction.  

My special areas of focus are :

  • Healing your own birth story: so you can show up in the world as your soul intended, and embody your full presence in the world.
  • Healing Birth Trauma from giving birth:  Re-imprint  trust and confidence in your body so you can get on with enjoying your life.
  • Ancestral repeating patterns: Ending those family and cultural influences  that keep you small, hidden and feeling lesser than
  • The persecution imprint:  Releasing the trauma passed down from generations of oppression, attack and harm to women particularly those practicing women’s wisdom and healing.  This includes the legacy of the witch hunting era and slavery imprints.
" I had a 1 to 1 session with Charlotte in advance of having my second baby, having had a bad experience first time around. I found that the session really helped me to put to bed the anxiety that I was  carrying.  Highly recommended. ""

Hannah Tipper -  Birmingham, UK.

One of my go to tools is the NPA Process.

It is a 6 line spoken word process that opens doors and allows energy to move in magical ways.  Its simple, yet effective. You can learn more from the founder and custodian Joel Young at the link below.

Learn more about The NPA Process. 

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