B'Opera 2021 Christmas Offer

Honour Your Sacred Journey as a Mother

It can be so tough becoming a mother, at all stages there is a steep learning curve and there always seems to be another stage to go through.  The pandemic has added another level of toughness with more women birthing alone or having their choices restricted. Birth trauma and postnatal depression rates are through the roof. It is hard enough to be the mother you want to be without having to carry the burden of unresolved trauma around with you. Healing birth trauma and your birth story is my area of specialisation and I am offering a generous discount for B'Opera People. I love the number three so there are three options with three places available for each option.

You can have a single session for the price of the package option, 20% off a pay up front package of 6 121 sessions or 15% off the pay monthly option

" Charlotte helped me to clear the negativity around my second birth with ease. She helped me uncover the depth and breadth of the hurt. Her warm, insightful nature is calming and supportive. I feel lighter and my connection to my daughter feels lighter and brighter as well."

Nikki Smith - Australia.

My main areas of focus are:

  • Healing your own birth story: so you can show up in the world as your soul intended, and embody your full presence in the world.
  • Healing birth trauma from giving birth: Re-imprint  trust and confidence in your body so you can get on with enjoying your life.:
  • Ancestral repeating patterns: Ending those family and cultural influences  that keep you small, hidden and feeling lesser than
  • The persecution imprint:  Releasing the trauma passed down from generations of oppression, attack and harm to women particularly those practicing women’s wisdom and healing.  This includes the legacy of the witch hunting era and slavery imprints.

Book some 121 time with me and experience the magic of letting go of centuries of oppression and healing your birth story, so you can get on with your life and enjoy motherhood.

Single SEssion at Discounted Package Price



  • 75 minutes duration
  • 15 minute follow up
  • Via Zoom or telephone
  • Enter Coupon Code BoperaOne
15% off PAckage of 6

Pay in 6 monthly instalments





  • First Session 75 minutes
  • Subsequent sessions 60 minutes
  • Via Zoom or Telephone
  • No code needed - B'Opera price

All sessions are available to book until Midnight on Christmas Day.  Single sessions can be taken during December or January. Packages can be started in December or January and be taken over a 6 month period. There are three places available for each option. Sessions are via Zoom.

Want to chat and check if we are a fit to work together?

An incredible breakthrough...

"After four sessions with Charlotte I have had an incredible breakthrough from the anxiety and depression I was suffering with. Charlotte's presence enabled me to connect to the deeper parts of myself and I was amazed by the realisations that came to the surface. Since the sessions I have felt very different and my life has started to shift in beautiful ways. I can’t recommend Charlotte highly enough. She is an intuitive and naturally gifted therapist."

Anne Lewis - London UK

Hi I'm Charlotte Kanyi and I facilitate the magic! That's what it feels like. when centuries of oppression you hadn't noticed you were carrying  just slide off. It's the relief and freedom when patterns that have always been there are gone and you can claim your own space, your way.  It's how I felt when I birthed my 3 sons, each time, at home in the ordinary yet extraordinary, undisturbed way we were designed to do.

I was guided to these choices after a healing journey that explored my own birth experience and my life in the womb. I was determined that my children would not go through the trauma that I did and cleared out every fear and imprint standing in the way of the birth I wanted for them and me.

I subsequently realised that what I experienced was rare and not even on many people's radar as a possibility - joyful, confident birth without interference - was what lead me to specialise my business in this direction.