Nurture Mother Massage

"If a woman doesn't look like a Goddess in Labor,

then someone is not treating her right."

Ina May Gaskin

Why wait until Labour to be treated like a Goddess?

Because Goddess is who you are really. You are a strong, powerful woman and mother doing a super important job, bringing the next beautiful children to the world and you are amazing. A Goddess. Even if you don’t feel like it... Especially if you don’t feel like it...

If you are currently feeling a million miles away from glowing, vibrant Goddess; If tired, stressed and dogsbody is a better description of where you’re at, then it’s time to do something about that.

Enter Mother Nurture Massage Sessions: Feel your tiredness melt away along with your pregnancy aches as you are gently soothed during 1.5 hours of blissful surrender and healing touch, with the focus 100% on you. Emerge feeling totally renewed and like a human being again. Or even a Goddess.

(Oh and if you don't like the word, so you've already dismissed these sessions and you're running for the exit, hold on just a moment and read on because Goddess or ordinary woman just trying to scrape some me time back you are in for a treat.

"Because the beautiful Mother you are needs mothering too."

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  •  Do you love being pregnant but feel run ragged and totally exhausted trying to grow your baby AND hold down your full time job, AND look after the other members of your family, AND keep a social life? And that's before you get to all the preparation for the arrival of your baby.
  • Did you thrive on a busy and full schedule and have been surprised to be knocked sideways by the changes to your body and your energy levels now you are pregnant?
  • Do you feel stressed and worry that it may be affecting your baby but never seem to find time just to sit and relax  together?

Meanwhile that time keeps on flying by at the rate of knots, there seems so much to do and in all the activity and excitement somehow you and your self care get left to last or even left off the list altogether.

You tell yourself that you don’t have time for ‘that kind of luxury’ even though you know how good it would feel. You promise yourself that you will... tomorrow, next week, soon. Before you know it your pregnancy has passed in a whirlwind, all that running around has taken its toll and you are totally spent and doubting your sanity and ability to cope. And that's before the sleepless nights kick in

It’s not too late to turn that around. To take the time to mark this important rite of passage and look after yourself with the same love and devotion you show to others. And get the rest you need at the same time.

​The kind of rested that you feel after a full deep nights sleep.

Remember those?

Rest and its close cousin sleep are worth their weight in gold and baby kisses all by themselves and if a good nights sleep is a distant memory for you then rest assured Mother Nurture Massage Sessions will support you to catch up. Sleep deprivation is pretty tough and can leave you feeling slightly mad and desperate but the deep relaxation that you can experience in your treatment will quickly restore your equilibrium and go a long way to filling in the gaps. Studies have shown that 25 minutes of meditation gives the same benefits as over 2 hours of sleep, and you will receive three times that in one session.

That in itself makes your investment worth every penny.

In fact this 'Luxury' is beginning to feel more like a 'must have' every moment.

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reclaim your sanity and humanity.

Bit dramatic? Maybe, but honestly there are more than a few days when I feel like I am losing the plot totally and have no idea how I will get through the day with everyone in one piece. Massage has on days like that been a literal life saver and brought me back from the edge to a person I recognise.  So if you are feeling even a little bit like this then go on, do yourself and your baby a favour and dedicate some real nurturing time to you both.

 You won't regret it and your baby will love it at least as much as you.

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Read on to find out what exactly you will get in a Nurture Mother Massage treatment.

In your treatment you will feel:

  • Special: Every Treatment is individually tailored to your exact needs and wants with a detailed consultation.
  • Fantastic: Enjoy a flow of oxytocin and endorphins - the exact same love hormones that will help you in labour
  • Safe: Emotional release and energy realignment are my speciality. You can really let go knowing that all is welcome here.

Physically you may:

  • Reduce Odema ( swelling in joints) and feel more comfortable
  • Release tension in the muscles and promote realignment so you stand tall and strong
  • Soften skin and prevent stretch marks.

Your body may be encouraged to:

  • Distribute nutrients and fluids to the vital organs including the placenta.
  • Support optimal function of body systems to help avoid common complaints such as constipation.
  • Aid lymphatic drainage and elimination of toxins from the body leaving you looking and feeling younger and energised.

Emotionally you may feel:

  • Calm and centred as you release pent up emotions and restore equilibrium
  • Grounded and stable
  • Connected to your inner wisdom and your baby.
  • Totally blissed out and ready for anything.

Book a Nurture Mother Massage Session today and receive the deep nurturing and emotional nourishment that you, amazing mother and powerful woman deserve as you grow your baby.

Don't just take my word for it, here is what people say...

Julie Royle-Srinivasan Project Manager

I am not sure I can put into words the impact that the treatment had on me, as nothing has ever compared. However, for the hour or so that Charlotte worked with me, my body relaxed and my mind was calm and this was followed by 12 hours of deep sleep which was very much needed.

​Charlotte made me feel very at ease. I left feeling empowered about my birth choices whatever they may be. It was so much more than just the massage.

Natalie Graham Worcestershire
Michelle Bennett Doula

I had a nightmare journey getting there but by the time I left I was feeling really relaxed and refreshed.

And of course its not just about you anymore either.

Your baby, your beautiful baby growing inside of you is absorbing everything they need from you to grow physically and also emotionally. All those great benefits, the letting go of stressful emotions and releasing toxins, your baby will reap the rewards of that as much as you. You are gifting your baby beautiful music, pleasurable sensations, and a load of oxytocin all while you get to lie down and do nothing/ Nothing except relax and enjoy too of course.

What's not to love about that?

Now its choice time. You can click the button to book or keep reading to answer all your questions.​

All this talk and it's just massage right? Dressed up in fancy words?

What is Reiki?

You mentioned choosing oils. What oils do you use?

And Music, what kind of music do you have?

That sounds amazing, tell me more.

What else is special about your pregnancy massage treatments?

I'm a little shy. Do I have to get undressed?

How many treatments should I book?

How soon can I come? Can I come in the first three months?

I'm classed as high risk. Can I still have a massage?

I'm X weeks and I really don't want to travel in case I go into labour. Will you come to me?

I'm 41 /42 (insert number here)  weeks and they want to induce me. Can you help me get labour started?

I think that's everything. If you have any more questions that I have not answered please contact me and I will do my best to answer them.

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