5 Simple Ways to Relax Deeply Using Your Breath.
I breathe in deeply. The cold blast of air on this frosty winter morning is stimulating and I feel alive.[...]
Stop worrying and start breathing. A simple hack to help you and your loved ones to move through panic and fear.
"What do I do when things aren’t going to plan? Is there anything I can do really?" "Don’t worry," say our worried partners, in an attempt to console both of us. "Just relax, you are doing great." Does this work? Do we instantly relax and stop worrying?
Apocalypse or new beginning? Hope for you on the path to creating a new world for your child.
How bad do things need to get before we will collectively rise up and say no more? A positive perspective on seemingly insane times.
Guest Post: How to transform your birth experience from the inside out, by Dr. Gulara Vincent.
‘Unfinished business’ from the past can block your dreams. I learnt this lesson the hard-way through childbirth, and here’s how my journey began...
Healing Birth To Heal the World: Time to step up a gear.
You know that feeling when you are onto something special. When something touches deeply to the core of your being and that part of you cries out in recognition. Your hair stands on end. You are quite literally electrified. Inside you this knowing part of you says YES. THIS. NOW.
Still have pain and grief around a miscarriage? Try this compassion exercise.
Today I am offering something a little different from my normal posts. A short compassion exercise using one of my healing tools called The Compassion Key. This exercise is for you if you are going through or have ever experienced a miscarriage and are still experiencing sadness and grief even many years later.
Do you feel worthy to become a mother?
“Do you have a message for me?” I asked through my tears and grief. “Remember,” she smiled. “Remember you are this too… “ I took a deep breath. Something in my brain couldn’t quite compute this message. Me? Could I really be this too?
What if I can’t cope with the pain of labour?
'What are you doing? Come back to bed.' I dimly register the plaintive plea from my sleepy and confused son, but replying is difficult.“I can’t, it hurts.” I manage in reply. In fact, ‘it hurts’ is a massive understatement.
Fear in the context of trust: Expand your focus to ease your way through difficult emotions.
How do you manage fear or other challenging emotions when they rise suddenly and threaten to take over? Where does your focus go? in this post I explore how shifting your focus to the context in which your emotion is arising can support you to welcome all your emotions to be fully met.